Voice calling to and from OSCAR based IMs (AIM, ICQ and iChat) are now possible
GTalk2VoIP gateway now supports OSCAR protocol and its voip extentions. It means that users of instant messengers like AIM, ICQ and iChat can now use our service to make voice calls to other IM networks as well as to landline/mobile phone numbers and SIP phones. In general, all our voice services previously available for Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo are now presented to AIM, ICQ and iChat users.

To begin using GTalk2VoIP services AIM/ICQ/iChat users should submit their screenname from main page of this site to subscribe.

Technical details:

All the voice services can be used through a service bot: gtalk2voipXXX from which you will receive invitation upon subscription. Usage instructions are the same as for Google Talk or MSN/Live Messenger: you send it a CALL command to initiate calls, like:

   CALL someuser@gmail.com to call Google Talk user someuser@gmail.com, or

   CALL someuser@hotmail.com to call MSN/Live Messenger user someuser@hotmail.com, or

   CALL someuser@somesipservice.com to call SIP service.

   CALL +1-234-56789012 to call to phone number +1-234-56789012. Calling to phone numbers is paid service, you can get caling rates here.

The service bot automatically recognizes your callee type, but you can also manually define it by using following prefixes:

   gtalk:user@domain.com - to initiate a call to Google Talk, or

   msn:user@domain.com - to initiatite a call to MSN/Live Messenger, or

   yahoo:user@domain.com - to initiate a call to Yahoo! Messenger, or

   aim:user@domain.com - to initiate a call to AIM, ICQ or iChat.

   sip:user@domain.com - to initiate a call to SIP phone.

If you have any questions regarding our service, please mail to team@gtalk2voip.com.

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