Dear GTALK2VOIP user!

2014-12-15 Google has disabled connectivity for their XMPP servers and was offline for all accounts. Only accounts was to continue working.

2014-12-17 Google has restored connectivity and service@gtalk2voip is online, but it can be broken again in any time.

What should you do to avoid such issues?

- If you use Talkonaut application with your account, please create a account

- If you use Google Talk, please download and install Talkonaut application from and create a account

You will receive an email with link for transfer existing balance to new account after account creation. Or please send email to and tell your old account and new account for balance transfer.

Moreover, rates are cheaper for calls that are made from accounts.

Please check what account ( or do you use in your personal account page!

If you are already using account, then you should not do anything.

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