GTalk2VoIP and Talkonaut reseller program

1. Q: Do you have resellers ?

    A: Yes. Please refer to the bottom of this page to get a complete list of our resellers.

2. Q: How can I become a reseller ?

    A: Every user of GTalk2VoIP or Talkonaut may become a reseller. To apply for RESELLER status, please follow these steps:

    1. Download and install our Talkonaut mobile voip application from
    2. Register yourself an account right from the application (or use your gmail id), connect to Talkonaut.
    3. Access your Personal Account Page (home page) by visiting: Menu->Tools->Balance->Buy credits from Talkonaut.
    4. Pass with credit purchase, you will need $3 to setup reseller status.
    5. Go back to your Personal Account Page (step 3), click Home, then click on Purchase RESELLER status.
    6. Confirm your will and proceed with the purchase.
    7. On your personal account page you will get a new option: Top-up someone's balance, which you can use to sell credits.
    8. Access this option any time you want to sell credits. Your commission will be added to your balance automatically.

    PS. Google Talk users may skip first three steps and can access their Personal Account Page through the service bot.

3. Q: What are the conditions for becoming a reseller ?

    A: To become a reseller you will have to comply with the following simple requirements:

  • A willingness to work with end users and process their payments, resolve issues once they appear.
  • Ability to update your balance through one of the availabe payment methods: Paypal, Webmoney or wire transfer.
  • $3 on your balance which you will be charged for one-time setup fee to get RESELLER status.

4. Q: Do you pay commissions ?

    A: Yes. Our standard commission is set to 3%. We will be happy to increase the commission if you can provide volumes. Please contact us for more details.

5. Q: Do you have a mobile VoIP dialer ?

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